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8 November 2017

After such a long break, I was hoping for a much more substantial update, but that was not to be. I have a couple articles underway, as well as three M4A2 builds (Furious II, Bohun, and Meir), so hopefully I'll get those completed in the coming months.

21 April 2017

Just a couple of quick updates.

21 March 2017

Catching up on Previews of some very old items.

9 March 2017

Article: Comparison of 75mm Gun Mounts

17 February 2017

Article: Evaluating M4A2 Engine Decks

17 January 2017

A big update today, a long time coming.

The biggest change to the site is that it now includes the M3 Medium Tank and the Canadian Ram Tank. This is material that I've long wanted to add, and after much effort have finally made it a reality. For those of you who've asked for this information since the inception of this website, thanks much for your patience.

As I mentioned months ago on my Facebook page, I have made a minor correction to the decals section for the Dragon M4A4 ST-QUENTIN markings. I had previously stated that the ST-QUENTIN markings were incorrect, because they lacked the "S", and instead read "T-QUENTIN". Well, if I only would have opened my eyes, I would have seen the missing "S" in the upper left corner of the decal sheet, mixed in with the markings for the Chinese tank. My apologies to Dragon for the false accusation of error.

29 September 2016

I was recently perusing the Archived What's New page (link at the bottom), and I find it funny that I used to apologize for a two-week delay in updating this site. Oh, happier times...

Coming Soon! - I will soon be adding to this website the M3 Medium Tank (Lee/Grant) and all its derivatives. Stay tuned.

21 April 2016

Small update tonight to get back into the swing of things.

8 April 2015

Thanks to Stephen Brezinski, we have a few new previews tonight for some items from a manufacturer previously unrepresented on this website, Friendship Models. I hope to soon add their entire catalog to the kit lists.

13 January 2015

Happy New Year! A couple of new previews this evening:

29 November 2014

Well... Not quite two years. I hope this update marks the beginning of the revival of this website, as I have a whole bunch of items to review that I've accumulated over the past years. But I make no promises. Some of you may have noticed that the email address I gave below no longer works; spammers got a hold of it so I had to change it again. For now, I am keeping my new email address private; not because I don't want to hear from you, but because I am not yet convinced that I am ready to resume regular updates to the site. So I don't want to receive a bunch of questions and contributions that I am unable to address at this time due to the time constraints imposed upon me by a toddler in the house...

I do have a Facebook page set up for discussions related to 1/72nd scale Sherman modeling, and you can find me there. Search for "Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale" and you'll find it.

30 December 2012

Yay! I got an update done this year! Actually, I have several more previews to post, but in the interest of getting this on-line before the new year, I will save those for the next update (next December???) I really wanted to get this update posted two weeks ago to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of this website, but it was not meant to be. I should be happy I got it done before January...

  • Years ago I put together a comparison page for the 76mm T23 turrets (I plan on doing the same for all the turret types), but the link to that page was buried several pages deep and hard to find. So to give it more prominence, I moved the link to the Kit Lists page.

3 December 2011

11 September 2011

6 September 2011

31 August 2011

Two updates in the same year? I'm on a roll!

First, I corrected a couple of minor errors in the Douglas Kay Firefly Preview, thanks to photos and information sent my way by Dragos Popescu. Va multumesc, Dragos!

Other new stuff:

19 February 2011

So I look back at my last update and see that I was hoping to get more than six updates per year. And that was over a year ago! Ah well... Never fear; this site is not dead, nor even dying. It was simply a very difficult year last year. I think I'll be more realistic this time, and just hope to have more than ONE update this year. Maybe if I set the bar low, it'll be easy to reach :-)

24 January 2010

Happy New Year, folks. Let's see if I can manage more than just six updates this year, shall we?

16 December 2009

Well look at that. An update two days in a row :-)

By the way, I have a large number of emails that have come in over the summer that I need to reply to. Please be a bit more patient, and I will answer all of my email after the holidays. Thanks.

15 December 2009

I can't believe my last update was back in May. Contrary to appearances, this site is not dead. I am sorry it has taken so long for me to get some of this material on-line, but it has been a hard year, and once again, life conspires against my maintaining regular updates of the site. Since it has been such a long time since the last update, I had kept putting this off until I had a massive new update ready, but the longer it took, the more I wanted to add at once, and the more intimidating the task had become. So instead, I have decided to add only a little bit at a time. Maybe that will motivate me to sit down for just a few minutes each evening to do a little bit of steady work on the site. But . . . that's going to have to wait until after the holidays, as I will be on vacation for two weeks, and won't get anything done. I have a lot of new material to add, but for today it's just a few new items:

2 May 2009

Why does it seem like I often times update this site while drinking beer? As if my writing isn't bad enough already. Just enjoying some Okocim Mocne this evening. In case you guys didn't know (or care), but the Poles make really, REALLY good beer.

This will be my last update for a while. I am leaving in less than two weeks for a 2-week trip to Poland (no, not to buy more beer; it's for my wedding, actually. But I'm sure there will be beer there. And probably lots of vodka....). Once I return, it will likely be another week or two before I can get around to making another update, so I'll try to add some interesting stuff this time.

First of all, the Preview for the UM M4 kit had a few errors in it, which I have now corrected.

20 April 2009

Well ... it has been a while. My apologies for the lack of updates to the site for the past couple of months. I've been spending some time working at On The Way, as well as planning a trip to Poland, and other aspects of my life which have been getting in the way of working on this site. Many new Sherman-related items have been released since the last update, some of which I have, some of which are on the way, and some of which I have no intention of getting. So today I will get the ball rolling with some items I got over the past several months, and am only now getting around to reviewing.

I also have a small handful of contributed articles that I would like to begin to post. Again, I am sorry that it has taken so long to get these on-line.

New for today:

12 January 2009

Am I a dolt or what? I was wondering why nobody was writing to me any more, when I realised that when I switched over to a new desktop PC, I forgot to set up my 172sherman accounts in my email program. D'oh! Turns out I had a handful of messages waiting for me, and I'll answer you all in the coming days.

Sorry about that.

1 January 2009

Happy New Year everyone. I apologise for the lack of updates recently, but I've been spending my time helping to get On The Way! back up and running. Now that I have more time to dedicate to this site, hopefully I'll be able to resume regular updates. I have several new items to post reviews of, however, my scanner recently stopped working (it's only a few months old!), so I'm not sure what to do about that. It only costs like $90 to replace completely, which is probably the route I'll go.

I recently bought the newest Sherman kits from UM, and I have to say that I think I am done with that company. My disappointment in their line of Shermans is severe. I'll let others be the guinea pigs from now on with this company, and no longer waste my money on their kits until they show a distinct improvement. Reviews of the kits will come soon.

Today I have only a single article to share with you all:

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