Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale
Shermans Tanks in Pacific and Europe Peddinghaus Decals
Kit #72 3214
Article by Doug Chaltry; last updated 30 December, 2017
This set appears to be well printed, but greatly suffers from a lack of research. Instructions are included and consist of side-view color profiles copied from the internet. They do not show full marking placement (only for the vehicle sides).

The first scan below shows the true colors of the sheet, but the white markings were not visible, thus a second scan is shown where I altered the brightness and contrast to better show the whites. Click for larger pictures.

Type Parent Unit Unit Sub-Unit Name Location Date
M4A3 (76)W HVSS 4th Armored Division Combat Command A Headquarters THUNDERBOLT VII Horazdovice May 1945
M4A3 (76)W HVSS 11th Armored Division 41st Tank Battalion F Company, 1st Platoon FLAT FOOT FOOGIE (sic) Germany February 1945
M4A3R2 HVSS 1st Marine Division     F-23 Okinawa May 1945
M4A3 (75)W 4th Marine Division 4th Tank Battalion B Company BEELZEBUB Iwo Jima 1945
M4A2 3rd Marine Division 3rd Tank Battalion A Company ADDER Iwo Jima 1945
M4A2 4th Marine Division 4th Tank Battalion C Company KING KONG Saipan 1944
M4A4 Chinese Army 1st Provisional Tank Group     Burma 1945

Peddinghaus apparently used the website "Tanks Encyclopedia" as its primary reference source for these markings, which was a mistake. I have identified quite a few problems with them:

  • THUNDERBOLT VII: The instructions don't show it, but this tank had applique armor plates added to the hull and turret. No bumper codes or other markings are included.
  • FLAT-FOOT FOOGIE is misspelled (should be FLOOGIE).
  • F-23: Cannot find any reference photos for this tank, at least not on Okinawa. I am pretty sure that these markings are for a tank with the 1st Marine Tank Battalion in Korea.
  • Regarding the two vehicles from the 4th Marine Tank Battalion (BEELZEBUB and KING KONG), the yellow 4 in the red triangle is the symbol of the 4th Marine Division, to which the 4th Marine Tank Battalion was attached. I've not seen any references (photos or artwork) that shows the tanks displaying this marking. Nor do the instructions for this set show them being used either.
  • The BEELZEBÜB markings are incomplete. Missing are: several markings for the rear of wading stack (name, devil face, number 17, white target clock), BEELZEBUB in smaller red letters for end of water tank, large number 17 for turret side. And what's with the umlaut over the U in the name? Shouldn't be there. The 133 loading marking on the right side of the tank should be above the "UB" in BEELZEBUB.
  • The KING KONG markings are incomplete. The large letters included here are for use on the hull sides, but there should also be a smaller version of the name for both the hull front and rear. I don't believe that any photographs exist of the left side of this tank, but since the markings were painted by hand, wouldn't it make sense that the writing would be a little bit different on each side of the tank? Additionally, I feel that this scheme (which is actually presented by other decal manufacturers as well) is combining two different marking schemes seen on this tank: one seen on Roi-Namur and the other seen on Saipan. I have been able to find only three photographs of this tank (two on Roi-Namur and one on Saipan), and there are discrepancies between these photos that may indicate the markings differed between the two battles. But that is a whole different discussion...
  • Chinese 1st Provisional Tank Group: the Chinese characters on the hull sides do not match the tank's serial number. All of the markings shown here, with the exception of the Chinese characters, are for T202011. The characters as shown, are for tank serial number T225399, which had different markings. It should also be noted that this tank (T202011) had a tiger face painted on the front of the turret and hull.

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Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale