Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale
Sherman Tanks in Europe Peddinghaus Decals
Kit #72 3210
Article by Doug Chaltry; last updated 3 January, 2018
This set appears to be well printed (hi-res, sharp printing, bright colors), but the accuracy is poor on some of the markings (though not nearly as bad as their set #3214). Instructions are included and consist of side-view color profiles copied from the internet. They do not show full marking placement (only for the vehicle sides).

The first scan below shows the true colors of the sheet, but the white markings were not visible, thus a second scan is shown where I altered the brightness and contrast to better show the whites. Click for larger pictures.

Type Parent Unit Unit Sub-Unit Name Location Date
M4A2 (76)W Northern Front     TO BERLIN! Prussia 1944
M4A3 (75)W 6th Armored Division 69th Tank Battalion   CABALLERO Ardennes January 1945
M4A1 (76)W 10th Armored Division 11th Tank Battalion B Company BONNIE Ardennes January 1945
M4A2 4th Armored Division       England 1944
Sherman IC 2nd Armoured Brigade 1st Krechowiecki Lancers Regiment 3rd Squadron ZEMSTA II Italy 1944
M4A3 (105) 6th Armored Division 69th Tank Battalion H Company White 58 Ardennes 1944
M4A3E8 Hollywood "Fury" Movie   FURY    

Specific comments:

  • Soviet M4A2 (76)W "To Berlin!": I have not been able to find this vehicle in any of my references. Peddinghaus got it from the Tanks Encyclopedia website, which is not a reliable source for accurate markings.
  • Caballero: this one actually isn't too bad. Some corrections to be made: the left side of the tank had only the tank name, and not the drawing of the bucking bronco above it. And the stenciling forward of the name should be a bit abbreviated from what's on the right side of the tank. There should also to be a star with roundel painted on the final drive housing, which is not included here. I am unsure about the bumper codes. The photos I've seen do not show them (covered up or simply not visible), so I'm not sure of their location. Regardless, they don't appear to be correct, in that the "15" should be "69" (for the Tank Battalion). I don't know where the "C-12" is supposed to go. Pictures of this tank for correct decal placement can be found on page 60 of Zaloga's Armored Victory.
  • Bonnie: This one appears to be correct.
  • M4A2 4th Armored Division: This one is wrong in so many ways. First of all, the 4th Armored Division never operated M4A2s. The Indian head symbol seen here was on an M4; it was superimposed over the top of the 4th Armored Division symbol (the 3-color triangle), and had the name Tonto beneath it. The tank's serial number is not exactly correct, and finally, the yellow 4 in the red diamond was not the symbol of the Army's 4th Armored Division, but rather the 4th Marine Infantry Division in the Pacific.
  • ZEMSTA II: The squadron marking on the turret is not quite right. The horse head should be yellow, and there should be a horseshoe hooked through the lower right of the circle.
  • White 58: The serial number should be 30111251 (it's missing the final "1"), and the "H-8" should read "HQ 58". Also, the horizontal white line is probably actually the tank's name, not a solid line. It is illegible in the single photo I've found of this tank, and other decal manufacturers have made the same mistake, but it look pretty clear to me that it is writing, not a solid line.
  • FURY: These markings appear to be correct, based on the photos I've found online for this fictitious tank.

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Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale