Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale
British & Polish Shermans - Africa, Italy & France Peddinghaus Decals
Kit #72 3380
Article by Doug Chaltry; last updated 3 January, 2018
To begin with, the name on this set is not entirely accurate as it also includes two US Shermans as well.

Very nice instructions are included showing full marking placement. The instructions state that the markings are based on the color profiles given in three old Osprey Vanguard books, but unfortunately new research has illuminated some errors in those older profiles. So the comments provided below reflect more upon the inadequacies of those old reference works, rather than Peddinghaus' research (but they really should have used more recent reference material).

This set is very well printed (hi-res, sharp printing, bright colors). The first scan below shows the true colors of the sheet, but the white markings were not visible, thus a second scan is shown where I altered the brightness and contrast to better show the whites. Click for larger pictures.

Type Parent Unit Unit Sub-Unit Name Location Date
Sherman II   Wiltshire Yeomanry B Squadron   El Alamein 1942
Sherman V   13/18 Royal Hussars Regimental HQ BALACLAVA Normandy 1944
Sherman I   3rd County of London Yeomanry A Squadron ABDIEL Sicily 1943
Sherman V   1st Armoured Coldstream Guards CO MONCK Holland 1944
Sherman III 2nd Polish Armoured Brigade Regiment 4th Armoured Skorpion 2nd Squadron PIRAT Cassino, Italy 1944
Sherman VC 2nd Polish Armoured Brigade 1st Krechowiecki Lancers Regiment 2nd Squadron RYCERZ I Italy 1944-45
Sherman V 1st Polish Armoured Division 1st Armoured Regiment 2nd Squadron Vive la Pologne Normandy 1944
Sherman III 2nd Polish Armoured Brigade   HQ Squadron TAZA-KHURMATLI Egypt 1943
Sherman IIA 1st Polish Armoured Division 2nd Armoured Regiment HQ Squadron Flying Cow Holland 1944-45
M4 4th Armored Division 37th Tank Battalion CO THUNDERBOLT France 1944
M4A1 2nd Armoured Division 67th Armored Regiment D Company DERBY France 1944

Specific comments:

  • Sherman II/Wiltshire Yeomanry: formation badges and unit serial number are included for only the rear of the tank. They were likely applied to the tank's front as well.
  • BALACLAVA: Formation badge is included for only the hull rear, but is needed for the hull front as well. There is also no bridge class mark for the hull front.
  • ABDIEL: According to newer references, the squadron sign was likely green and yellow, not red and yellow. The name is included for only one side of the turret; should likely have it on both sides. The AoS sign is missing for the hull front, and neither the formation badge nor AoS sign is included for the hull rear.
  • MONCK: Again, only one formation badge is included; likely is needed for rear of hull as well.
  • PIRAT: Simple markings, just the names and scorpions should be used. This tank did not bear the squadron sign. And the scorpion should be edged in light sand (from the tank's previous desert paint scheme) not white. The painting instructions for this vehicle are incorrect for the time of the Cassino battle; it should be painted in overall olive drab (was recently repainted over its Africa scheme). I assume it could be painted in the Africa scheme as depicted in the instructions to represent the tank at some point prior to Cassino, but I've not seen photos of the tank in that scheme to know if the tank's names were painted in the some positions, or if it bore the squadron sign as well.
  • Vive la Polgne: Markings are included only for the hull sides, not front and rear; therefore no bridge class, formation badges or AoS signs are included. The markings in this set faithfully represent what is shown in the Osprey Vanguard title, yet the only photo I have seen of the tank with these hand-written inscriptions (page 44 in Wydawnictwo Militaria 192 - Polskie Shermany vol II) do not match what is shown in the Vanguard book. Specifically, they were written on a different tank (T-148002), and are written on the right side of the tank, not its left. This book also states that this tank is from an unidentified unit, not specifically the 1st Armoured Regiment. Of course, it's possible that the same inscriptions were written on more than one tank or on both sides of the same tank.
  • RYCERZ: should have a smaller version of the squadron sign for the blanket box on the turret rear.
  • Flying Cow: These look pretty good, though it's once again missing the bridge class marking for the hull front. I've not seen any references other than the Vanguard book show this tank with the squadron sign. Though truth be told, none of the photos I've seen of "Flying Cow" show the full side of the tank, nor the front or rear (some had the squadron sign on the final drive housing and rear storage box). Based on photos of other tanks in the 2nd Armoured Regiment, it very easily could have had the squadron sign in any or all three positions (hull sides, front and rear). Another mistake that I just noticed is that this set depicts the Flying Cow as facing the front of the tank on both sides, which is incorrect. It faces the front only on the left side; on the right side of the tank it faces the rear (this is confirmed in photographs, and all other decal companies got this detail correct).
  • THUNDERBOLT: These markings are actually for THUNDERBOLT V, and are therefore missing the "V" after the name. I have seen some models built with these markings that show the 4th Armored Division's symbol (3-color triangle) above the name, but the photo I've seen of this tank is poor quality and unclear. I wouldn't add one, so I agree with Peddinghaus for not including them. The big mistake of these markings is that the cloud with thunderbolt should be the same for both sides, meaning that on the right side of the tank the lightning bolts angle down towards the front (as depicted here), but on the left side they should angle down towards the rear.
  • DERBY: Missing the bumper codes. Also, the serial number is too short. Zaloga shows it as "USA 30067517" (Concord The M4 Sherman at War), which is far more likely, considering US serial numbers were usually seven or eight digits. That same book gives a color profile showing the left side of the tank with the same cartoon drawing, though only one is provided in this set. The only photo I know of Derby shows the right side of the tank, so who knows if it should be on both sides or not? It's also possible that this tank should have the US star (with circle) on the turret roof and/or engine deck.

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Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale