Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale
British Sherman ARV Goffy Model
Kit #7263
Article by Doug Chaltry; last updated 30 December 2016
This is a complete kit, not a conversion. It is long out of production, but I believe that the same kit is now offered by Goffy's offspring company, Black Dog.

The hull of the kit appears to be a completely original piece. If it is modified from some other plastic kit, I cannot tell which one. The details on the hull are extremely fine and very well done, however the molding leaves something to be desired. There is a distinct dip along the centerline of the hull roof which is most noticable when looking at it straight on from the front or rear. I am unsure how evident this dip will be once built. I imagine that all the stowage on the rear hull will hide it from the backside, but it may still be seen on the front. The overall size of the hull is underscale. It is approximately 1mm too narrow, which certainly is within an acceptable margin of error, however, it is also about 3mm too short, which is far more egregious. Combined, these size errors place this kit much closer to 1/76th scale than 1/72nd. An additional weak area of the hull is the overhanging rear hull plate. In addition to needing to be smoothed over from the mold plugs, this plate is much too small.

The suspension units appear to be copies of the Revell plastic kit parts, though the road wheels are not, and they are the proper size for 1/72nd. As you can see, there are numerous parts to this kit for all of the recovery tools and other stowed supplies on the exterior of the hull. These are all very nicely detailed and molded, and I will likely use them in a project to convert one of my spare plastic M4A2 hulls into an ARV.

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Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale