Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale
Polish 1st Armoured Division
Black Lion Decals
Kit #72047
Article by Doug Chaltry; last updated 10 September, 2016
Here is another Polish 1st Armoured Division decal set, this time from Black Lion Decals from Holland. While not of the highest quality, I really appreciate the breadth of vehicles covered by this set. For Sherman lovers, we have two Fireflies, an M10 and a Sexton. The other vehicle markings will also come in handy to fill out a collection of 1st Armoured Division armored vehicles.

These decals are printed on a continuous sheet of carrier film, so the markings need to be carefully cut out leaving as little film as possible around the edges of each marking. The printing resolution is rather low, and the register of some of the colors is just a little bit off. Aside from that, they appear to be well researched, and the colors are vibrant. I had to adjust the brightness and contrast of the scan to better show the white markings, so the actual decals are a bit nicer than they appear below.

Shermans (and variants) in this set include:

  • Sherman Firefly VC - 1st Armoured Division, 2nd Armoured Regiment, France 1944
  • Sherman Firefly VC - 1st Armoured Division, 24th Uhlans Regiment, A Squadron, Normandy, August 1944
  • M10 Wolverine - 1st Armoured Division, 1st Anti-Tank Artillery Regiment, Holland, Autumn 1944
  • Sexton - 1st Armoured Division, 1st Motorized Artillery Regiment, 1st Battalion, 2nd Battery, France, August 1944

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Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale