Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale
New Zealand Armour in Italy Bison Decals
Kit #72010
Article by Elliott Winthrop; last updated 1 May 2009
The set contains markings for 24 vechicles including 11 Shermans:
  • Sherman Vc, B Squad, 19th Arm Reg, April, '45
  • Sherman Vc, 5 troop, B Squad, 19th Arm Reg.
  • Sherman Vc, RHQ sub troop 20th Arm Reg
  • Sherman III, C Squad, 20th  Arm  Reg, Cassino.
  • Sherman I with dozer, 28th Assault Squad, '45.
  • Sherman III, 11 Troop, C Squad, 19th Arm Reg, Christmas '44.
  • Sherman IB  SHQ, B Squad, 20th Arm Reg.
  • Sherman Kangaroo, 28th Assault Squad, April '45.
  • Sherman III,B squad, 18th Arm Reg, July '44.
  • Sherman III, Troop 7, C Squad, 18th Arm Reg, Po River April '45.
  • Sherman III, C Squad, 20th Reg, Oct '44.
  • M10, 31 Battery, 7th Anti-Tank Regiment, Faenza, Dec, 1944
  • M10 17pdr Achilles, 32 Battery, 7th Anti-Tank Regiment, Trieste, 1945

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Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale